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Play - Explore - Touch - Amaze - Learn - SingTogether  

Welcome to PETALS

PETALS stands for Play, Explore, Touch, Amaze, Learn and Sing - all elements that we believe to be essential in a child's development. With this in mind PETALS has created an exciting, early years programme of classes/courses for you and your child. 


Each class is aimed at promoting opportuntites to Play, to Explore, to Touch, to Amaze, to Learn and to Sing together with your child in an informal, friendly and fun environment.  

We are have a range of classes running across West Essex.

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At PETALS Together we are really proud of what we do and the quality of our sessions, but don't just take our word for it.  Take a look at what our customers have said about us and what other organisations have said about our training services.

What we stand for...

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